Our impossible task is to see throught the data mess

Operational data fabric for agile digital business
Because it’s there
That three-word phrase is often used to justify a seemingly impossible task. K2 is considered the most difficult mountain to climb on Earth. But from the top, you can see, well, just about everything.Our impossible task is to see through the data mess. Our solution is the K2View platform, which organizes data in such a way that it can be seen, accessed, and provisioned for use, instantly.

We manage more databases than all the world’s cloud vendors, combined, with our open, scalable, Data Fabric.

from source to target
We power data operations with real-time responsiveness, from any source, to any target, in any format.

time to value
Our customers implement the K2View Data Fabric in weeks, and easily adapt it, without disrupting the business.


Data Fabric

Connecting enterprise data at massive scale, to deliver operational and analítical workloads.

Data Preparation Hub

Data prepararon tools that make data lakes and DWHs ready for analytics.

Data Privacy Management

Automating workflows and data processing, intake to fulfilment.

Customer Data Hub

Integrating, unifying, and serving a customer 360 view to any application.

Data Integration

Connecting any sources to any targets, in any delivery method.

Test Data Management

Provisioning Test data at scale, on demand, with data integrity

Platform capabilities
Data Connectivity & Integration
Fast, reliable data access and movement – cloud and on-premise.
Data Virtualization
Logical abstraction and integration of siloed data across disparate systems.
Data Governance
Complete control of data availability, usability, integrity and security.
Data Orchestration
Visual data flow orchestration to manage and control data pipelines.
Data Catalog
Automated data discovery and visual lineage – from source to service.
Microservice Automation

Low-Code framework to genérate and debug microservices in minutes.


360 Customer View

Delivering a unified, real.time customer view to optimize customer centric operations across the enterprise.

Operacional Intelligence

Extracting real-time insights during a business process to drive positive outcomes, consistently.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Quickly adhering to data compliance regulations while minimizing privacyOps costs.

Multi-Domain MDM

Providing connected and holistic cross-enterprise views of business entities.

Cloud Migration

Enabling smooth, safe migrations of high-quality, fully-tested and integrated data.

Shift-left Testing

Enabling agile software delivery with instant test data provisioning.


Telco and Media

Fueling digital transformation at massive scale: elevating customer experiences, optimizing networks and more.

Financial Services

Delivering personalized, secure customer interactions, while ensuring compliance, and applying prudent data governance.


Harnessing big data innovate with digital health services optimized medical logistics and faster clinical research.

The world’s most data-driven companies rely on K2View’s operational data fabric

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